Tourism and Travel Guide in Makkah

Mecca holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia is the birthplace of the Prophet Muhammad Pray God and peace, go to Muslims at a time when Islamic pilgrimage of the year, the Grand Mosque is the most famous tourist attractions, where there are no Kabah and it is the most important milestone in the Islamic world, was established from Mecca about more than 1900 years BC, has become one of the leading countries in the field of tourism and you can enjoy the services of one of the best hotels in Mecca during the holiday will not forget. Destinations city of Mecca by many wonderful tourist sites: Palace Saqqaf: Teacher civilized Makkah is located in the neighborhood of temples.

Here is a list of must-see sites in and around the city of Makkah. Most of these sites are official stops during pilgrimage, while others may take you off the beaten path.

  • The Grand Mosque
  • The Ka’aba
  • Hills of “Safa and Marwa”
  • Zamzam Spring Water Well

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